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On Our Own Terms (OOOT) is an initiative of the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI). OOOT is an informed network of organizations and experts who are focused on the prevention of HIV for, by and about Black cis and transgender women, as well as the care and treatment of women living with HIV.

why now

We simply don’t have time to waste.

According to the latest available data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 60 percent of all new HIV diagnoses in the US are among Black women. While their rates of infection are finally dropping (by 25 percent), we still have the highest rates among all women. In fact, Black women still have nearly 15 times the rate as their white counterparts, and five times the rate of Latinas. Black women and women of color must finally be a priority in policy and action in the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Our work combines evidence-based practices, cross-sector collaborations and the strengthening of community assets to lift up the sexual health and well being of Black women. OOOT is highlighting our mutual abilities to deliver innovative solutions and make a lasting investment in prevention.

We’ve teamed up with legendary actress Keshia Knight Pulliam for a PSA urging you to Own Your Ish when it comes to your sexual health!

of Black women living with HIV contracted HIV through heterosexual contact
of HIV diagnoses were among African American Transgender women in 2014.
KESHIA video

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We love this moment from last night’s webinar, where @marclamonthill showed us the full heart of parenting, gracefully managing his young toddler who wasn’t feeling well. At the same time, Bruce McIntyre III @bizmacthe3rd spoke with deep passion about the critical role of midwives in maternal health, reminding us of his own profound loss.

Together, these moments underscore the importance of support and care within the movement for reproductive justice and birth equity.

The panel also featured the Jonathan Webb - CEO, AWHONN and Agyei Osei Hargrove - Homebirth Advocate bringing their unique perspectives into the conversation. Watch the replay at the link in our bio.

#BMHW24 #BlackMamasMatter #BlackMaternalHealthWeek #maternalhealth #birthjustice #blackfathers #marclamonthill

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📢 It’s Black Maternal Health Week and we are bringing the fellas into the conversation. Join us for a thought-provoking webinar moderated by @marclamonthill today at 4:30 pm ET. 🗓️⁠

Let’s dive into the transformative roles men play in restoring Black autonomy & joy. 💪 Don’t miss this empowering dialogue – secure your spot now!

#BMHW24 #BlackMamasMatter #BlackMaternalHealthWeek #ReproJustice #BirthEquity #BlackAutonomy #BWHSocialJustice #BirthJustice #MaternalEquity #BlackMaternalHealth #BirthEquity #BlackWomenLead #ENDMaternalMortality #BMHW2024

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During Black Maternal Health Week, let’s remember that HIS health matters too. Black fathers play a crucial role in supporting Black maternal health. Together, we can ensure every Black family thrives.


#BlackMaternalHealthWeek #HISHealthMattersToo #BMHW24 #BlackMamasMatter #ReproJustice #BirthEquity #BlackAutonomy #BWHSocialJustice #BirthJustice #MaternalEquity #BlackMaternalHealth #BirthEquity #BlackWomenLead #ENDMaternalMortality #BMHW2024

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This week, we uplift the voices and experiences of Black mothers, shining a light on the disparities in maternal health that disproportionately affect Black women.

We stand in solidarity with all mothers, birthing people, and their families impacted by these disparities, and we commit to advocating for policies and practices that ensure every they all receive the quality care and support they deserve.

We are joining forces with @BlackMamasMatter (BMMA) to center Black women’s scholarship, maternity care work, and advocacy across the full-spectrum of sexual, maternal, and
reproductive health care, services, programs, and initiatives. Learn more at

#BMHW24 #BlackMaternalHealthWeek #BMHW2024 #BlackMamasMatter

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📢 It’s Black Maternal Health Week and we are bringing the fellas into the conversation. Join us for a thought-provoking webinar moderated by @marclamonthill this Thursday, April 11th at 4:30 pm ET. 🗓️⁠

Let’s dive into the transformative roles men play in restoring Black autonomy & joy. 💪 Don’t miss this empowering dialogue – secure your spot now!

#BMHW24 #BlackMamasMatter #BlackMaternalHealthWeek #ReproJustice #BirthEquity #BlackAutonomy #BWHSocialJustice #BirthJustice #MaternalEquity #BlackMaternalHealth #BirthEquity #BlackWomenLead #ENDMaternalMortality #BMHW2024

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📣Our classes are starting now, and they are at no cost to you!! Thats right @marie_bustinmoves it might be time for you to see if you are at risk of type 2 diabetes. Our Diabetes Prevention Program can help you prevent or delay diabetes and learn to:

✅ Reduce chronic stress
✅ Monitor blood glucose
✅ Manage mid-life weight
✅ Build a team of support
✅ Respond to food triggers
✅ Get support for lifestyle shift
✅ Understand role of weight meds
✅ Make a lifestyle shift

If you qualify, our program is no cost to you!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 See if it’s right for you at:

And if you already have type 2 diabetes, our Diabetes Self-Management Support Program can help you:

✅ Monitor blood glucose
✅ Build a team of support
✅ Manage medications
✅ Prevent Complications
✅ Make a lifestyle shift

Invite a friend or family member for support and sign up at:

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It’s Black Maternal Health week and this is why it matters!
@themamasdenpodcast, midwife @kimberlydurdin is truly highlighting the gaps in postpartum care and some of the setbacks within healthcare that we face specifically as Black mamas. This is one of the reasons why we are so proud of our Nourish program that trains postpartum doulas.

Thank you @blacklove for this compelling content. #blackmaternalhealthweek #BMHW24

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Another day and another ban on our bodies!!! Arizona's recent Supreme Court ruling is yet another devastating blow to women's rights. Every person deserves the right to make their own healthcare decisions, including the right to access safe and legal abortion care. ⁠

Read about the ruling at the Link in Our Bio. ⁠

#ReproductiveJustice #MyBodyMyChoice #roevswade #blackwomenshealth ⁠

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📢 It's Black Maternal Health Week and we are bringing the fellas into the conversation. Join us for a thought-provoking webinar moderated by @marclamonthill this Thursday, April 11th at 4:30 pm ET. 🗓️⁠

Let's dive into the transformative roles men play in restoring Black autonomy & joy. 💪 Don't miss this empowering dialogue – secure your spot now! ⁠

#BMHW24 #BlackMamasMatter #BlackMaternalHealthWeek #ReproJustice #BirthEquity #BlackAutonomy #BWHSocialJustice #BirthJustice #MaternalEquity #BlackMaternalHealth #BirthEquity #BlackWomenLead #ENDMaternalMortality #BMHW2024

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🌟🏀 History was made on Sunday, April 7th, as coach Dawn Staley @staley05 secured her third NCAA Division I championship, marking a monumental achievement as the first Black coach, man or woman, to do so! ⁠

The South Carolina Gamecocks' victory adds another shining moment to Staley's incredible coaching legacy. Her journey of breaking barriers and inspiring young athletes is nothing short of inspiring. 💪 #DawnStaley #NCAAChampionship #BlackCoachesMatter

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Let us introduce you to the incredible Naya Ellis. At just 14 years old, she's not only passionate about science but also deeply compassionate about making a real difference in healthcare. ⁠

Naya's journey began at STEM NOLA, where she found her calling to help others through science. Inspired by her mother's battle with breast cancer and her grandmother's struggles with strokes, she poured her heart and soul into creating 'WingItt,' a watch that can detect early signs of strokes. ⁠

From New Orleans to Washington, D.C., Naya's path to the National STEM Challenge is a testament to her unwavering dedication to helping those in need. Let's celebrate this young innovator and the power of STEM education to change lives. 🌟 #STEM #Innovation #HealthcareHeroes

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The disparity deepens, with Black Americans in certain areas living up to 10 years less than their white counterparts. Every day at BWHI, we're committed to changing these outcomes. This National Minority Health Month (#NMHM2024), we're proud to work alongside @jnjglobalhealth and over 90 organizations to address these racial and social inequalities that are truly a public health crisis. Learn more about our work at Link in Bio #NMHM ...

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🧩💜 This April, let's shine a light on Autism Awareness Month and address the stigmas faced by Black women with autism. From underdiagnosis and misdiagnosis to cultural misunderstandings, lack of representation, intersectional challenges, stereotypes about behavior, access to healthcare and services, and family dynamics, it's crucial to break down barriers and foster understanding and support. #AutismAwareness #BlackWomen #InclusionMatters ...

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Ladies, if self-care were a song, what would be the lyrics? Share your unique 'melody of wellness' and let's compose a symphony of self-love together. #WellnessPlaylist #SoulfulSelfCare #BlackWomensHealth ...

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👑 Meet Mellody Hobson, the trailblazing co-CEO of Ariel Investments, proving that ambition knows no bounds. From a pivotal decision as a Princeton student to leading a multibillion-dollar firm, her journey inspires us all to reach for the stars. ✨ ⁠

Did you know she also champions diversity and inclusion initiatives in the finance industry? Let's celebrate her remarkable achievements! #BlackExcellence #WomenInFinance #Trailblazer

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Happy April everyone!! Who doesn't love a fresh new month for a fresh start!? Is it going to be One Day or Day ONE? You decide!!⁠

Do you want to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle? Our CYL2 Diabetes Prevention Program includes virtual, group-based classes and have a live BWHI-trained Lifestyle Coach. ⁠

Classes fill up fast so we encourage everyone interested to sign-up soon! We have grant funding for these classes so they are of NO COST to individuals who enroll. ⁠Link in Bio!⁠

RP: @stephby._

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This is an appreciation post for our grandmothers, mothers, aunties, and more, who have worn and continue to wear many hats. They are the ones who pressed our hair and stirred the pot, gifting us with recipes and stories that will be shared for generations to come. Whether they are still with us or have passed on, they will forever hold a place in our hearts.

We also extend a warm embrace to those who may not observe this day, or who are without or estranged from family.

The Black Women’s Health Imperative is here with you, today and every day, honoring the rich tapestry of Black womanhood. Whether you’re celebrating Easter or cherishing the day in your own special way, may it be filled with moments of joy, reflection, and peace.

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It might be the weekend but that doesn't mean we can't still eat GOOD while eating healthy! @jayrianicole is keeping us inspired and on track with these recipes!!⁠

Could you eat ONLY veggies for a month?! Comment down below if you would give this recipe a try!

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Ladies, we are still so devastated about the amount of times we have had to announce the death of yet another beautiful, Black woman.

Whether it’s a misdiagnosis or lack of treatment. We are tired. And, we cannot afford another loss. We love this video of @masanimusa being real and raw, discussing her symptoms of #Fibroids and even her #OpenMyomectomyJourney.

We cannot stress enough the importance of nurturing and listening to your body, in whatever way that looks for you. Advocate for yourself. Get the second opinion. Need resources? Visit our website in the bio and never hesitate to reach out 🫂🤍💜

And, most importantly, let’s continue to stand together and persevere. Every decision we make today, changes tomorrow. #BWHI #BlkWomensHealthImperative

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