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On Our Own Terms (OOOT) is an initiative of the Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI). OOOT is an informed network of organizations and experts who are focused on the prevention of HIV for, by and about Black cis and transgender women, as well as the care and treatment of women living with HIV.

why now

We simply don’t have time to waste.

According to the latest available data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 60 percent of all new HIV diagnoses in the US are among Black women. While their rates of infection are finally dropping (by 25 percent), we still have the highest rates among all women. In fact, Black women still have nearly 15 times the rate as their white counterparts, and five times the rate of Latinas. Black women and women of color must finally be a priority in policy and action in the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Our work combines evidence-based practices, cross-sector collaborations and the strengthening of community assets to lift up the sexual health and well being of Black women. OOOT is highlighting our mutual abilities to deliver innovative solutions and make a lasting investment in prevention.

We’ve teamed up with legendary actress Keshia Knight Pulliam for a PSA urging you to Own Your Ish when it comes to your sexual health!

of Black women living with HIV contracted HIV through heterosexual contact
of HIV diagnoses were among African American Transgender women in 2014.
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Next WEDNESDAY, our Director of Maternal and Child Health, Dr. Kanika Harris, will be joining Morgan State University’s Center for Urban Health Equity’s Virtual Symposium 2023!

Hear from powerful advocates, researchers, and community leaders as they discuss strategies to address #BlackMaternalHealth.

Register NOW via link in bio!

#BlkWomensHealth #WorldDoulaWeek

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They did THAT!! 👏🏾👏🏾🔥

Having a workout partner just gives you that extra fire 🔥 under your feet! This duo is pow•HER•ful! Who needed this motivation? Tag your workout partner! ⬇️

Motivation courtesy of @fitnessformentalhealth1 @sino_ngcikiza 💜

Community makes everything better. Our virtual CYL2 program comes with a FREE life coach and a network of likeminded women on their path to optimal health. Join today by visiting and download our BWHI app! See you there!

#blkwomenshealth #BWHIcyl2

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Join the MSK Academy Spring 2023 Cohort and advocate for Black women's wellness and policy change!

Learn about the impact of tobacco, smoking, and vaping, and how to use storytelling to create change.

Our virtual program is facilitated by experts, at no cost to you, and includes incentives for participation. Register now to secure your spot! #LinkInBio

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We too, are deserving of wellness!

Yoga, meditation, therapy - all of it!

Great reminder via @theswdiva by way of @blackgirlssmile. 💜

#BlkWomensHealth #Wellness #Healing #Yoga #Meditation #Therapy

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Empowered + Educated + Affirmed + Sisterhood = Black Birth Joy 💛

Earlier this month, our Maternal & Child Health Team hosted their N.O.U.R.I.S.H. Doula Postpartum Training at Morgan State University! Students learned how to provide postpartum support such as baby wearing, swaddling, belly binding, lactation, nutrition, and grief support to birthing families during the first year post-birth.

N.O.U.R.I.S.H. stands for New Opportunity to Uncover our Resources, Intuition, Spirit and Healing and is a year-long community based doula program for college students to become a certified full-spectrum doula. Through the program, students are educated and exposed to the importance of holistic health & wellbeing through our model “knowing is by doing” to learn what it takes to show up to pregnancy healthy and whole. Students have also received hands-on training in traditional frameworks of care and support that have protected Black birthing families for generations. N.O.U.R.I.S.H. helps to further address the disparities in maternal and child health training at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and support the needs of new birthing families, save lives, become community doula leaders, and facilitate self-nurturing and healing. 

Learn more about the N.O.U.R.I.S.H. Doula Program here:

Contact the Maternal & Child Health Team at, if you have any questions.

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The facts are indisputable: Medication abortions are safe!

Medication abortions became the preferred method for ending pregnancy in the U.S. even before the Supreme Court overturned #RoevWade, the law that protected the right to abortion care for 50 years.

Our EVP of Policy, Advocacy & Science, Dr. Ifeoma C. Udoh, issued a statement in response to attacks on medical abortions in Wyoming and Texas. Read the full statement via link in bio.

#BlkWomensHealth #ReproductiveJustice

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Quiet hiring is a strategy companies are using to fill in holes without hiring new full-time employees. Sound familiar? ⬇️

Before you take on those new responsibilities in hopes of raise, watch @thebizslayer breakdown what might actually get you a raise, without overworking yourself into the ground.

Our #FairWorkInitiative was designed to protect Black women’s health in the workplace. Share your experiences and learn more at

#BlkWomensHealth #BWHIFairWork

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Who else is in their JOMO era? 🙌🏾

Rest, saving money, and me-time, just makes JOMO even more LIT! 🔥😅

In many ways, jomo can be considered the opposite of “fomo” – the fear of missing out. Fomo involves experiencing anxiety and other negative emotions because of a concern that somehow other people are having more fun, living a better life or having better experiences than you are.

Developing a more grateful mindset can help foster jomo. Shifting focus to what you have rather than what you don’t have makes it easier to appreciate the positives in life.

Enjoy your weekend!

#BlkWomensHealth #JOMO #FOMO

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The Black Maternal Mortality rate is more than a health crisis, with far-reaching effects on our community.

Our Director of Maternal and Child Health, Kanika Harris, makes a powerful case for action in a recent article on the Washington Post.

Click the link in bio to read more.

#blackmaternalmortality #blackmotherhood #blkwomenshealth

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#MatchDay has come! 🥳

And this reel by @projectdiversifymedicine just got us SO hype! 😍

Did you know that only 5.7% of US doctors are Black, and experts warn the shortage harms public health? With that said, s/o out to all of the phenomenal Black women who worked SO HARD to get here! We see you and we need you!!

Tap in with us in the comments! Know someone who matched? Tag them! ⬇️


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Our Founder Byllye Avery was recognized by @coloradoblvd as a "Local Hero" and "renowned trailblazer for women’s rights”. 🙌🏾

She will keynote the ACSA Region #15, Pasadena Unified School District Women’s History Month event, alongside Dolores Huerta, on Wednesday, March 22, 2023 from 6:00 – 7:30 pm at Marshall Fundamental Secondary School (990 Allen Ave., Pasadena).

We are looking forward to this event! Learn more via link in our bio!

#BlkWomensHealth #WomensHistoryMonth

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Reason # 20,067 on why “I will fill my cup first” should be at the top of your daily affirmations.

Taking #PersonalInventory means reflecting inwardly and taking stock of what makes you, you. And if you’re in deficit, it’s time to pivot.

Great advice via @cherylpwilliamson 💜

#BlkWomensHealth #MentalHealth

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When it comes to seeking validation from a gas lighter, @nedratawwab has something to say. Not all validation is equal - find out why!

Let’s discuss in the comments. ⬇️

#Repost @theminimalists

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