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Luna Unleashed

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In a world where black women are dying from medical racism, black people are being murdered in the street by THE POLICE, a pandemic has the United States facing a health care and economic crisis; we need a hero like Luna.

A parkour enthusiast and student nurse , Luna is suddenly bestowed powers that allow her to save the people around her in unexpected ways.

But, there are greater powers looming behind the scenes. Luna, her sister and their mother will have to marshal their collective power to make it through.

Conceived by writer Shay Youngblood and written by both Youngblood and Giovanni N.Dortch Luna’s story unfolds in metropolitan Atlanta with a cast of unforgettable characters as visualized and drawn by artists Kamela Eaton (Issue 1) and Quinn McGowan (Issue 2), while delivering timely and informative content on the issues Black women and femmes face while in search of Reproductive Justice.

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Luna Unleashed V1

Set in contemporary Atlanta during a family reunion and the weekend of the Afropunk Festival, Luna Unleashed follows the adventures of Luna, a 25-year-old African American student nurse, as she educates her family and Afropunk Festival attendees about sexual health issues affecting the black community. 

Luna Unleashed V2

In this issue we join our heroine Luna as she navigates the consequences of the past on the present. Struggling to balance school, her family and her calling, Luna faces historical horrors, the legacy of HIV and the reality of Intimate Partner Violence in her beloved Atlanta.

Luna - Level UP

Leveling UP finds Luna and her family pushing back at issues facing multitudes of Black women and femmes, including workplace bullying, gentrification and romantic relationships. Together, the Monroe women join forces with their friends, extended family and community to advocate for themselves while attempting to chart new paths for their collective and individual futures

Luna Unleashed Squad Up

In this issue, Luna and her family realize they can band together and advocate for what they need. As Georgia and Nina learn about the shady backstory of the GEORGIA HEAT law, Luna uses her network in the Parkour and HIV+ communities to complete her final extra credit assignment and protest the exploitation of women by Southern Health CEO Jefferson Grady and Riley Morris. Roberta delivers some life changing news to Noble, presenting the biggest test of their relationship to date.

Luna - Swift Transitions

The Munroe family and friends all face some swift transitions in this issue! Luna begins to question her commitment to nursing just as she completes her education and graduates. Georgia’s ‘Mama Bear’ comes out in this issue as she advocates for, guides and protects the young women in her world. Meanwhile, Luna and her friends reclaim their power as they begin to tell their own stories. Mr Munroe and another special guest make cameo appearances.


In this issue we find the women we’ve come to know and love, Luna, Roberta, Georgia and Rosa  battling the twin demons of judgment and shame as they step more fully into their own power. Luna and her crew of purpose driven parkour athletes push back against Grady and Morris’ HEAT bill once more and Rosa finds her voice as she speaks up on behalf of her classmates. Roberta gets a special visitor and stands up for herself in the midst of transphobia while Georgia engages in some deep self-care. The Munroe Family shows us all the meaning of R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Luna V2

[respect]YOURSELF, Part II of R.E.S.P.E.C.T. follows the women in the Munroe Family on their various adventures with lovable Uncle Robert at the helm. Georgia and Harriet wrap up their weekend getaway while Luna learns more about her powers. Rosa and Uncle Robert deal with the ongoing battle around the GEORGIA HEAT bill.

Luna V2 Book 3

In this issue RILEY MORRIS goes viral thanks to his poor performance at the HEAT BILL lecture, CLAUDIA RABB questions if she can balance her career and the life of her dreams. ROBERTA’s honing her chops as around community awareness, and LUNA plays ball while schooling some young men on consent and safer sex. Dr. June checks in with a healthy message for community elders.

Luna Book 4

In this issue, GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS, RILEY MORRIS learns how to truly make amends, while The MUNROE family ventures further out into the community, welcoming a new neighbor. LUNA has her biggest moment yet, while ROSA and ROBERTA learn more about building strong relationships despite life’s curve balls.

Luna V3 Book1

UNDER PRESSURE: LUNA’S nursing skills in her mother’s clinic get tested when she meets her new patient. Meanwhile the family elders- Uncle ROBERT, Aunt NINA and GEORGIA prepare for an out of town adventure.  ROSA faces the stress of college prep while YOUNIQUE and ROBERTA continue to bond over humor.

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