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black women with HIV


Evany Turk – My Story

Growing up in Chicago in the ’80s and ’90s, I went to school just down the street from Kenwood High School, where award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer R. Kelly notoriously preyed on young black girls. We all knew it was happening. When I was 17, at a

Woman on video call

Black Women are Goals

During this time of global pandemic, my Sister n’ Love hosted a zoom meeting to check on the mental health of all the black women in her friends and family circle. The people on the conference call ranged from a doctor; to a geneticist;  to

Intimate Partner Abuse

A Woman’s Pain in Intimate Partner Violence

As a woman, I lived through and survived intimate partner violence. I remember the day we met. He was so charming and sweet. After moving in with him, he was the perfect mate. Within six months, he started beating me every day. He sat in

Mom talking to daughter

“The Talk”

As a sexual health educator and parent, I have frequent discussions with family, friends, teachers, and etc. asking me when should trusted adults have “The Talk” with the children/youth/young adults in their lives.  My answer is simple, “it’s not just one talk, but several.” If


On Our Own Terms Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

March 10, 2019—The Black Women’s Health Imperative’s On Our Own Terms (OOOT) Collaborative is spreading the word about Women and Girls and HIV Day today. And we know that we must continue to create awareness and support for black women and girls every single day.


Supporting A Loved One With HIV: 7 Things Not To Say

You’re a great friend. You’re ready and willing to help your loved ones work through anything that has come their way. You are prepared to always be there for them. But then, something comes along that you’re not prepared for: Your loved one has HIV